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High School Cake, with Education Icing

While this recipe may seem simple, due to the fact that most adults have baked one of their own, the fact remains that every High School Cake is unique. No two people have the exact same experience in high school; thus, no two cakes come out quite the same. The amount of effort and love put forward in baking the High School Cake reflects in the results. Generally, more attentive bakers achieve more delicious cakes. We call the frosting on this cake “Education Icing” because, if we’re really going to be honest here, a good education is just icing on the cake of the high school experience.

Be careful not to take your cake out of the oven too early, unless you’re absolutely sure you know what you’re doing. Too often, I’ve seen a student pop out his high school cake a year or two before time, only to find himself rendered incapable of baking for the rest of his life. He also generally suffers a lower income level than his peers who have completed their High School Cakes, and still lower than those who have gone on to bake College Cakes.

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I literally turned this in for my composition final.
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I took my SAT 2's on Friday. English and Math 2. I'm a little eh about it because I misread a question in math and spent about five minutes trying to remember how to find roots of polynomials... "Which one isn't a root? But there's only one that actually is a root! What do I... oh wait."

My Swarthmore interview is Oct. 19, though! I am sooooo excited.

Also, Heroes. Is it just me, or do the Parkman/Mohinder scenes really smack of "Molly has two daddies"?
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I really need to get my college application stuff together. Here's my list so far:

  1. Swarthmore College: Common App + Supplement, Early Decision
    Omg love ♥♥♥. My top choice, by far. Something just clicked when I made a visit. I'm not really sure what else to say. Beautiful campus, great location, awesome academics program. I think I'd really fit in with the students.
  2. University of Chicago: Uncommon App, Early Action
    The main reason I'm applying is because I want to be the last class to fill out the Uncommon App. It looks like buckets of fun, I like that it's right in Chicago, even if the neighborhood looks kinda meh. Really great school for economics, of course, although I've been told multiple times that U of C is a far better school for graduates than undergrads.
  3. Northwestern University: Common App, Early Action
    I really liked my visit. I thought the location was great, but apparently students don't like the Evanston-ers. And it's right on the lake, so I expect it to be COLD in the winter. Might be a little big for me, though.
  4. Williams College: Common App + Supplement, Regular Decision
    I haven't visited, but it seems very similar to Swarthmore, and their top majors are art, poly sci, and econ. What more could I want? Apparently harder to get into than Swat, and the location, while beautiful, isn't as good. I don't think there's easy access to an ice rink. THERE IS AN ICE RINK ON CAMPUS!
  5. Amherst College: Common App + Supplement, Regular Decision
    Again, I haven't visited. Similar to Williams, but the location, although still rural, seems much better, what with the Five Colleges thing and all. I like that students here are supposed to be very politically aware.
  6. University of Notre Dame, Application?, Early Action
    Familial obligation only, really. Despite what I am constantly told about how "Notre Dame is a great school for everyone," I don't think it's really my type.
  7. Tufts University, Common App + Supplement, Regular Decision
    Haven't visited. A great international relations graduate school probably filters down to undergrad. I'm not sure. Great location.

    More schools I am considering, but am too lazy to fill out thingies for: Boston College (have visited - it's basically Notre Dame with a better location and a more liberal student body, which is good), Haverford College, Johns Hopkins University (in-state what whaaat), Middlebury College, Univeristy of Maryland: College Park (safety school?), Goucher College (in-state, required study abroad)
    Schools I don't really have a chance in, but am told I should consider anyway: Columbia, Princeton, Cornell, MIT (legacy), UPenn

    Obviously, I need to narrow this list down. Flist, if you know anything about any of these schools, or any schools I'd be interested in, considering these choices, that'd be most excellent. Any advice at all is appreciated, really.
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So I just had my "first kiss" today, but I'm not sure if it really counts, as it was a total joke and I had it with one of the gayest guys on the planet. A pair of lips is a pair of lips, though, right?

Except he had prickly stubble. Eeew.